What is the GI Vehicle Exchange?

GIVE is a program that allows any deployed service member to make money by sharing their personal car with others during their deployment. GIVE handles literally every aspect of maintaining the vehicle, repairing it, sharing it, cleaning it, and more. Our service members simply receive money deposited into their account each month from the rental proceeds.

Why would I use GIVE instead of just storing my car?

You certainly can just put your car in a lot or a buddies garage while you're deployed, but there's no monthly check being paid to you for that. Plus, you don't know that your car is being maintained and kept safe. Your car is also losing value whether you're driving it not.

Enrolling it in GIVE ensures the car is being properly maintained and will be repaired if anything does happen to it. It's stored in a secured lot that's staffed 24/7/365 and the best part, the American public is helping you make your payments by renting it!

What does GIVE cost?

It doesn’t cost anything, seriously. In fact, we will NEVER collect payment information from any of our service members, ever. We only get information to directly deposit money into everyone’s bank account.

How does everyone make money and get paid?

We share the vehicle with travelers coming to Colorado and we share the proceeds with the service members. Over 50% of the earnings actually go to the service member. Every month we’ll deposit those funds into the service member’s account.

Who is renting these vehicles?

The American public. Anyone that has passed our background checks can rent a GIVE car and support our military. Most of our guests are vacationing in Colorado.

How well is my car maintained?

Any new car we bring on goes through an initial inspection where we’ll address any existing issues that the cars have - brakes, tires, you name it. Then through it’s life with us it’ll go through regular check ups as well and we’ll use earnings from the rentals to pay for those maintenance and repair items. The service members will never get a bill from us no matter what. We take on the responsibility of ensuring the cars are well maintained and every one that we’ve had to do has been given back in better condition than we got it, just with a few extra miles.

How much can someone expect to make?

It really varies by the type of car. Some vehicles that we’ve had have allowed us to pay over $1000/mo just to the service member and others may be $300/mo. Regardless, it’s free money that can go a long way in helping to keep up with car payments, insurance, and other expenses the family might have.

How long has GIVE been around?

We launched our initial pilot in 2018 and as a company we’ve managed over 600 different cars spread across over 30k trips.

How is my car protected?

We have insurance that covers the vehicles regardless of who is driving the car through $1mil liability policies through Liberty Mutual and other insurers. If a vehicle is damaged, we will make sure the car is fully repaired back to factory specifications and it’ll be paid for by our insurance companies, not the vehicle owner’s.

How is my privacy protected?

The only thing our guests will know is a service member’s first name. We modify registration and insurance cards in vehicles to omit any private information so our guests will never have any of that.

How do I know guests will take care of my car?

We’ve found that because our guests know these cars are owned by those protecting our country they are far more respectful of the cars than they would be with a traditional rental car. However, things can happen and in every case we will take care of ensuring the cars are fully repaired and in better condition when they’re given back than they are when we get them - every time.

What do I need to do to enroll?

It’s quite simple, you just go to our website and give us information about you and your car, which takes about 5 minutes to complete. Then based on your deployment date we will send a truck to pick up the vehicle and bring it to our facility. You may also need to fill out a power of attorney so that we can address any issues with your car while you’re away, which we will walk you through. To begin enrollment, visit our Enrollment form.

What do I need before I begin the enrollment process?

  1. An estimated deployment date (this can always be updated)
  2. A photo of your driver's license
  3. A photo of your vehicle's current registration
  4. A photo of your vehicle's current insurance card

What should I do before my car is picked up?

Make sure all of your personal belongings are removed from the car and that’s it. We’ll handle cleaning the car when we pick it up.

Can I drop my car off at GIVE’s facility myself?

Absolutely! If you do, we’ll also advance you $50 right off the bat. We operate out of FINE Airport Parking at 5950 N Jackson Gap Way, Aurora, CO 80019.

Since I own the car, can I be held responsible for what happens in my car?

Nope! Colorado law prohibits vehicle owners from being held responsible in any way for actions that others take.

How do I get my car back?

We know that return dates are often unknown and can sometimes be unpredictable. When you know a return date for sure, just let us know and we will make arrangements to take your car back down to you. We’re typically able to have cars returned before service members even get home, but worst case we’ll have it back within a couple days of returning. The more notice we get, the better.

What if I return unexpectedly?

Not a problem, just let us know and we will working to get your car back up to you as soon as possible, typically within no more than a day or two.

How many miles get put on my car?

For most, mileage accumulation from renting out through GIVE is about the same as what an owner would be putting on themselves. Most range from 1250-2000/month, depending on the car.

What are the vehicle requirements?

We can take most any passenger vehicle with 8 seats or less that is no more than 8 years old, has less than 100k miles, and has no major issues or damage.

What if I get my car back and there’s a problem with it?

Get in touch with our team and we’ll coordinate getting the issue diagnosed and fixed at a shop near you.

What do I need to do during my deployment?

The only things you need to do are make sure your car payment and insurance keep getting paid. If your registration comes up for renewal while we have it, you’ll also need to have that done and the updated registration sent to us. Other than that, we handle everything.

Does the service member need to own the car to enroll it?

In most cases they do. One exception might be if their parents are on the title, we’d simply need a notarized letter stating that they allow the vehicle to be enrolled with GIVE.

Can someone enroll a car with GIVE even if they’re not deployed?

GIVE is only available to those who are deploying to service our country in the US armed forces. We do, however, have a different program that’s open to anyone, which is called Hassle-Free Car.

Where is GIVE available right now?

We’re currently open in Denver and we serve service members as far as Colorado Springs. We’ll be opening in Atlanta soon as well.

How can service members contact GIVE?

We have a team 24/7/365 that’s available to both our guests and our deployed service members. They can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by text at 719-453-0274, and through chat on our website.

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